Education and empowerment

Women Only Co-ops

Cofinet has developed four, women only programs with the help of co-ops over the past two years. We focus on championing women who go the extra mile for their coffee production and their community. Because of their efforts we are able to pay them a higher income than traditionally given.

Coffee Education, Colombia

Cofinet endeavours to share as much knowledge as possible with our coffee growing partners. By inviting experts from the industry to come to La Pradera and share their knowledge through workshops with smaller growers in the region.

Coffee Education, Roasters and Coffee Professionals

Cofinet also offers educational events and cuppings through our roasting partners, to share all the work we do back home. We aim to develop roasters ability to communicate the complexities of coffee fermentation and production to their customers. In addition we also offer origin trips twice a year so that roasters can see the work we do first hand.

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