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About us

We represent a large number of producers of Colombian Speciality coffee. Our coffee network expands from the high northern mountains of Colombia to the very south corner of the state of NariƱo.

Different from a coffee trader, our aim is to encourage direct trade between our farms at origin and roasters in Australia and New Zealand. Thus, we not only offer premium coffee but a great coffee adventure where roaster are able to travel to origin and work with our farmers to achieve the perfect cup.

Meet our team

We are lucky to work with incredible people. We understand that a great part of our business is not only our customers but our people. This amazing team works hard to connect coffee growers with roasters.

Carlos Arcila

Co-founder of Cofinet & Director

Managing the business from Australia, he is the one who understand the market and make sure that the right coffee gets to the right person.

Felipe Arcila

Co-founder of Cofinet & Procurement Manager

His expertise in coffee is essential for the business. He most definitely knows how to grow and find outstanding coffee!




Our aim is to provide a sustainable future for our coffee producers by encouraging direct and long lasting relationship with local roasters.


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